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  1. william says:

    I have a 2004 Pontiac GTO with the modifications listed below

    2004 Pulse Red GTO M6, LS1
    Dynatech headers,Stainless Works 3” exhaust
    05 hood, 05 rear bumper,Hotchkis sway bars
    monster level 3 clutch and billet flywheel
    Bmr skidplate, Bmr strut tower brace
    Bmr 3.5 driveshaft and safety loop, harrop differential cover
    CCW sp500 19×8 19×10, gmm shifter
    Pedder’s GTO Justice suspension package, PBR Brakes with slotted rotors
    ATI Procharger P-1SC-1 7psi, ls2 243 heads
    Futral motorsports cam 224”/230” .588”/.595” 114lsa
    Comp cam 921 springs, pushrods, GMPP racing lifters
    custome fuel system with dual in tank walboro fuel pump and speed inc. fuel rails
    60lb fuel injectors, port and polished slp 78mm throttle body, melling performance oil pump

    I had it tuned by the installer that put on my procharger and installed the cam. After the install
    if you tried to drive the car when it was not completely warmed up it would surge at low rpm’s.
    It also had trouble finding idle when the A/C was on and felt like it was sluggish at lower rpm’s
    but was fine at WOT. It would also pop when decelerating.

    Now that Todd has worked his magic, it is a totally different car. All the surging at idle is gone and
    The acceleration is smoother and more responsive than before and the popping on deceleration is gone.
    The car is just a lot more enjoyable to drive, Thanks Todd for all your help and keep up the good work.

  2. Scottie says:

    2000 trans am ls1 a4
    Prc Stage 2.5 heads
    Torquer v2 cam
    36lb injectors
    Ported fast 90/90
    85 mm MAF
    Slp lid
    3800 stall converter

    Car was tuned twice by other tuners and still wasnt right. Car had terrible surging with ac on and even surging when backing up with ac on or off. Car just was not drivable with ac at all really.

    After taking the car to todd i was shocked that all the problems were fixed. Car drives like stock now with ac on. Its a totally different car now todd is top notch and will be takeing car back to him in the future. thanx again Todd

  3. Brad Freeman says:

    1998 Camaro Z28

    LS6 Intake/ LS6 Ported Oil Pump/ TSP MS3 Cam/
    PRC Double valve springs and forged pushrods/
    Double Roller timing chain/ K&N FIPK/ Pacesetter LT
    Headers & ORY/ SLP Loudmouth 1 Exhaust/ T-56 6Speed Tranny with Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch and
    Moser 3:73 Gears

    The car had been tuned once and it still seemed sluggish. It didnt idle properly and it surge with the AC on…the fuel mileage was terrible and the car jus didnt run properly..

    I took it to Todd and told him my situation..
    He got right on it and kept me posted with info step by step.

    The car is amazing..Its a whole new car. IT runs better than ever and i have incredible low end power now..the gas mileage is great and overall driveability of my car is fantastic. Problem solved…

  4. Dad says:

    Yep, that’s my boy and I’m proud of him. He will do his best to produce high quality service and you can count on his word.

  5. Matt says:

    Well I went to the track last night with a couple of other members on here. We arrived late in the night and many people broke on the track so they had to keep cleaning it. It resulted in only getting in a few passes.

    Anyway, I went to the track to test out my new tune from Blue Thunder 2 Racing. (My car had been previously tuned elsewhere, but I brought it Todd to get more out of it.) Well, the new tune faired out very well, I shaved .5 off of my previous best at the track and the car ran very nice. I was also running on a hurt transmission.

    -My first pass of the night I ran with almost 100 percent full stiff suspension (forgot to adjust the shocks). Tire pressure on MT ET streets down to 18psi.

    Went 12.3@112 with a 1.88 60′

    -My second pass I softened the suspension to 3/4 turn from full soft. 15 psi in the tires.

    Went 12.0@112 with a 1.7 60′

    A new best!

    I want to say thanks again to Todd @ Blue Thunder 2 Racing for the tune, and explaining stuff to me the other day after spending time doing the tune. The man even texted me to see how the new tune was doing while I was at the track.

    I know the car has 11s in it, I just need to cut down my 60″ or take out the subwoofer or any weight for that matter, haha. I really thought if I could’ve just got in a 4th pass I could have hit 11s. I’m still disappointed in my launching. Guess I’ll just have to wait until next time.

    • Matt says:

      Forgot to mention…the car lopes strong and loud, just the way I like it. Some people even think I changed my cam out for an even more aggressive one, haha. People stopped next to me at traffic lights have been giving me more “thumbs up” and says the car sounds nice. I especially appreciate that coming from the older fellas…it’s nice to get a thumbs up from the old schoolers! Also, this car is my daily driver, so it really nice to have the best of both worlds.

  6. Tance "Bud" Simolke says:

    just wana say that todd is a great guy true to his word, he tuned my 99 z28 and it runs like no other, and i mean low low 12s with just headers and his tune and a 6speed!!! awsome guy, highly recommend him for any tuning or surrounding mod work!!!!!

  7. Dave says:

    I brought my 99 trans am to Todd at bluethunder2 to be tuned and i could not be happier. The car has MS3 cam PRC 2.5 5.3 heads full exhaust and a Circle D 4c converter . Before i brought the car to Todd it would not stay running when cold,surged badly at low RPM,would bang the REV limiter at WOT shifts, and the converter would lock and unlock randomly. After the Bluethunder2 tune It has a great sounding lope,starts and idels great at any temp,the part throttle surge is gone,shifts great and my converter lockup problem is a thing of the past.Seat of the pants feels like i picked up a lot of midrange power. I can’t wait to get it back to the track and see how it runs. Todd is a great guy to deal with and really takes his time to make sure he gets the car set up the way you want. No one else will ever tune my car . I will drive to Texas if i have to it would be worth it.

  8. Roy says:

    1973 Camaro
    454 BBC, 350 TH Tranny, Gears, spool, etc.

    I too brought my car to Todd for a tune. My car is primitive compared to your cars. Todd tweaked it and it purrs like a gorilla. He also took the time to assess everything and make recommendations on what I need to do to fully maximize it’s potential. It’s exactly what I needed. Todd is a great guy and really knows his stuff. Even old school muscle like mine. I highly recommend BlueThunder2 Racing.
    And Dave your car sounds killer!

  9. Michael says:

    Trans Am
    Heads, Cam, Intake, Stall, Exhaust, Suspension

    Ok guys I’ve used two different tuners before Todd and let’s just say as long as Todd is within driving range he has got my business!! My car cranks just by touching the key no given it gas are waiting till it stops surging to put it in gear not to mentioned his meticulously way he explains how he can improve your current tune. So needles to say he is the only tuner I would recommend! So thanks Todd I will be in touch after I go to the track.

  10. Jeremy says:

    1998 Camaro SS
    Heads, Cam, Intake, Exhaust, 4L60, Stall
    Just left Todd’s tuning tent lol. TODD, I can’t begin 2 tell everyone who reads this about the difference Todd made in tuning my car. 2 start with my car had a rats nest of wiring under my dash and my obd port didn’t even have power 2 it! Most tuners would have stopped at that moment and told me 2 take my car elsewhere. But Todd went above and beyond himself 2 fix my wiring so my car could be tuned. He even went and looked at a normal SS 2 check out their wiring for comparison. He fixed my stuff and tuned my car to the utmost level. Before I brought the car to him, it wouldn’t idle, the transmission was clueless when it shifted randomly, it had huge gaps in the powerband, and was almost unstreetable. Now my car is a car again- runs perfectly in every aspect. Its like I have traded my car in on a new one. Thanks Todd, I will use u exclusively in the future. If u want your car setup right, give him a call – done.

  11. Larry says:

    For anyone who is thinking about getting your car tuned, Todd should be your only choice. He recently took the time to come all the way to MS to tune about 10 cars for the members of my car club. I can assure you he does it right, makes sure you know what hes done, and that you are 100% happy with his work. He not only gets you the extra horsepower that you’re craving, but he gets you the drivability as well. What fun is it having a buttload of HP if you can’t drive it and show off? lol The change in the cars after he got done was incredible. As far as I’m concerned, he has the Midas Golden Touch when it comes to making horsepower. If our club trusts Todd, you can too! Give him a try, you and your car will be glad that you did. —-Larry Mowery, Pres., Southern F Body

  12. Bo says:

    heads cam intake stall,

    car runs perfect todd checked mpg 14.36 around 10 before no more surging great throttle response car pulls HARD and the idle shakes the whole care sounds awesome

  13. Dwight says:

    I had my 98 TA tuned over the weekend by Mr. Todd at the Southernfbody tuning session. My car is a bolt on/cam only car. The difference in it was night and day. The car has torque all over the place now. It pulls through third as if it were in second. Mr. Todd took the time to make sure that not only my car, but everyone else’s was perfect. Every car I rode in that he had tuned felt 100% better when he was finished. If you are in need of a tune, he is the man to go to every time.

  14. Brad says:

    Once again Todd has worked his magic on my car..I had recently installed a new Moser M9 and suspension and i needed a re-tune to make sure my nitrous kit was working to its max..Todd went above and beyond while tuning my car. He installed a new tune that went and added even more power at low rpms and gave the car a custom idle that is Todd’s signature for his tune..Its an awesome feeling to know that with BT2R under the hood that you absolutely at 110% of your ride’s capability..Thanks again Todd for another great experience from BlueThunder2Racing.. I highly recommend Todd for anyone looking to find their car’s max potential.

  15. Jesse says:

    RIDE: 2007 TBSS

    One word: AMAZING

    I cannot fully gauge a comparison between my old tune and this current one… for the reason that I had many mods and just patches thrown into my old tune to keep her running. I can 100% say that the time he took and the attention to detail to get this thing running right is phenomenal. The thing has NEVER ran this well and definitely NEVER pulled this hard!

    BIG THANKS to you Todd. I will not be going anywhere else from now on. Consider me a customer for as long as I live in the area.

  16. Andy says:

    I have a ’99 Camaro Z28 M6 with a lid and full exhaust, I was previously tuned by Todd’s local competitor that’s well known in the area. Todd not only greeted me like a friend but he took the time to show me what was done to the previous tune, which was almost nothing! He took the time to explain what certain things did as he was tuning the car and was very happy to answer any questions I had.

    The car had no grunt in the lower RPM range before and I felt as if it could be better in the top end, after Todd got his hands on my car there’s power everywhere and the car hasn’t run this good since well, ever!

    He doesn’t care if you’re a heads and cam car that has put big money into him or a stock car, he will equally give it his all to unlock the full potential of your car.

    Thanks Todd!

  17. chris says:

    98 trans am
    2002 pcm
    aes 390ci
    procharger d1sc
    motron 60lb inj
    dual walbros
    circle D 3500 stall
    built 4l60e

    Wouldnt trust this car to anyone else but Todd. Great guy, very knowledgeable and takes his time on getting it right. Couldnt be happier and the car scares the living crap outta me lol, Todd is the MAN!! Has my business from here on out

  18. BT2R says:

    Posted on another site by one of my customers.

    2010 Camaro SS
    Aftermarket Heads
    Full Exhaust
    As most of you know Todd with BT2R is just amazing but I will tell y’all about my expierence. I have a 5th gen Camaro that is a heads and cam auto and my tune has never been right after the thousands of dollars I have put in it. I decided to give Todd a shot at his first 5th gen and let me tell ya he knocked it out the park. After my run ins with other tuners I have never seen someone put in this much time and effort into a single car. Todd spent a lot of time on my car to get it dialed in perfect and even came by the house an hour away to check on me. There’s not enough great things I can say about BT2R. To anyone looking for someone to tune they’re brand new or older car Todd is the man, give him a chance and he will have your business forever like he has mine. Thanks again Todd!!!

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